Protecting You Against Various Types Of Criminal Charges

A conviction of a criminal charge can change your life. The consequences that follow can have an impact for years to come, even leaving a permanent mark on your record. I am attorney Jeremy M. Wang, and I know there is a lot at stake when facing criminal charges. I dedicate my entire legal practice to protecting the interests of Illinois residents needing defense counsel.

As a former prosecutor, I have a special understanding into how the criminal justice system works and what it takes to defend people against varying types of charges. From misdemeanor offenses to grave federal crimes, my firm Jeremy M. Wang Law & Associates, LLC, can provide the quality defense counsel you need during this difficult time.

A Wide Range Of Defense Services

I help individuals facing a range of criminal offenses. Regardless of the details of your individual case, I will tenaciously fight for the best outcome for you. Whether it is in trial or in plea negotiations, you do not have to walk through this process alone. I provide qualified and experienced defense services in cases pertaining to the following:

  • Various criminal offenses related to illegal drugs, including possession, distribution, manufacturing and trafficking charges
  • Charges related to violent crime such as assault, battery, home invasion and more
  • Any criminal charges related to property offenses such as shoplifting, possession of stolen goods, theft or trespassing
  • Sex crimes and offenses, including prostitution, indecent exposure, sexual assault and more
  • Various types of fraud and financial crimes, identity theft, forgery and obstruction of justice
  • Charges related to domestic crimes such as bar fights, misdemeanor offenses and other types of domestic disputes

If convicted, you could face consequences that include expensive fines, time behind bars and more. As your lawyer, I will work diligently to shield you from the negative impact of your situation, fighting to help you avoid a conviction or mitigate the severity of the penalties that can come with a conviction.

Call Today For The Defense Help You Need

You can take action to secure your interests as soon as possible after an arrest or as soon as you learn you are under investigation. You can call my Wheaton office at 630-225-8137 or you can contact my office online for an appointment. I offer weekend consultations by appointment only, as well as services in Mandarin and Spanish.