Do Not Underestimate White Collar Crime Charges

While white collar crime charges do not typically involve an element of violence, they are not victimless crimes, and the consequences are serious. I am attorney Jeremy M. Wang, and my Wheaton law firm Jeremy M. Wang Law & Associates, LLC, can provide the support you need when facing charges related to forgery and identity theft.

As a former prosecutor, I am an experienced Illinois defense attorney who knows what it takes to fight even the most serious of criminal charges. I am able to employ my experience and resources for the benefit of each client, providing zealous defense against various white collar crime charges. It is unwise to underestimate the case against you. A serious threat to your future and freedom merits a serious defense strategy.

Fighting For Your Best Interests Against Forgery And Theft Charges

White collar crime is a term used to describe different types of criminal activity, but they all involve the unlawful attempt of financial gain through deception. My experience includes helping clients fight back against charges related to the following:

  • Forgery: This involves making fake documents, changing existing documents or signing documents without permission. Forgery is an act often found in cases involving fraud, such as debit card or credit card fraud.
  • Identity theft: This type of crime involves taking another person's personal data and information for the purpose of theft or financial gain.

All types of white collar crime are vigorously prosecuted, and the penalties can range from steep fines to years in prison. I am adept at cases involving the alleged unlawful use of computers and technology, and I know how to investigate your case, gather appropriate evidence and present a strong defense to all aspects of the prosecution's case against you.

A Strong Defense Against Cyber Crimes

Offenses involving the unlawful use of a computer or other types of white collar crimes are complex. I will thoroughly investigate your case and protect your interests in court. As an experienced defense lawyer, federal cases do not intimidate me, and I will provide vigorous representation all the way from the investigative stages of your case to a trial in federal court.

Whether you are facing allegations of misconduct or you already have charges pending against you, I am on your side. Contact my office at 630-225-8137 or email me for an appointment to discuss your defense options.