Let Me Fight Your Tickets For You

Of all the things you have to worry about, defending a traffic ticket is probably far down on your list. You might be like many in Illinois who decide to pay it and put it behind you instead of taking time off work and fighting the charges. You certainly may not think you need a traffic ticket attorney. What you may not realize is that agreeing to the fine is not the end of your troubles.

Paying and mailing the ticket often means you accept the conviction, which can result in points on your license or even license suspension now or in the future. Traffic convictions may also cause your insurance rates to spike for three years or more. Jeremy M. Wang Law & Associates, LLC, knows you want the matter to be over with, but pleading guilty and accepting a conviction is not the way to make that happen.

Defending All Moving Violations

I am prepared to serve the citizens in Wheaton and surrounding counties who are facing the consequences of traffic offenses such as these:

  • Speeding: This includes aggravating factors, such as driving more than 26 mph over the limit, speeding in a construction zone and speeding in a school zone.
  • Driving on suspended or revoked license: You may risk jail time depending on the circumstances.
  • Violations while driving a commercial vehicle: The loss of your CDL could bring far-reaching consequences.
  • Violations by minor drivers: Special restrictions and penalties accompany drivers under 21.
  • Passing a school bus: You face a three-month license suspension for a first offense.
  • Accidents: Violations related to an accident, such as improperly changing lanes, failing to report an accident and driving with no proof of insurance may be added to other charges.

Whether you are a resident of Illinois or you got a ticket while you were passing through from another state, I am ready to advocate for you. I can also assist you during your license reinstatement hearings with the Illinois Secretary of State if you have been convicted of a DUI, other moving violations or excessive points.

Reach Out For Advice And Guidance

I speak English, Spanish and Mandarin, and my Wheaton office is always ready to take your call at 630-225-8137 whenever you need a lawyer. You can also contact me through our online intake form. Don't make the mistake of thinking your ticket is insignificant. I can work to minimize the consequences or even have the charges dropped.