Protecting Your Future After A DUI

The penalties for a DUI conviction can change your life. In Illinois, even a first offense carries the potential for legal and personal consequences you may never escape. Because no two cases are exactly the same, you want to be sure you have the support of an experienced and determined lawyer to fight for your rights and defend your future.

I am attorney Jeremy M. Wang, and thanks to my history as a prosecuting attorney, I understand the nature of the evidence in a DUI case. Field sobriety tests can have subjective results, and those results give an officer probable cause to make an arrest. A successful defense strategy begins with analysis of the earliest moments of your encounter with law enforcement.

What Should I Do When Police Pull Me Over For DUI?

There is a good chance police have already decided you are driving under the influence before you roll down your window. Perhaps they saw your car swerve or thought you were driving too slowly. When an officer approaches the vehicle, you need to know your rights:

  • You do not have to answer any questions beyond identifying yourself. Do not volunteer that you had even one glass of wine.
  • You have the right to respectfully refuse to submit to field sobriety tests such as walking a straight line or standing on one foot.
  • You have the right to refuse to consent to a warrantless search of your vehicle.
  • You have the right to refuse a preliminary breath test at the scene, but the law requires you to submit to a chemical blood alcohol test — blood, breath or urine — once police place you under arrest or you risk additional license suspension.

If your BAC is .08 or higher, it is critical to obtain the assistance of an aggressive and experienced DUI lawyer. BAC tests are notoriously unreliable, and Jeremy M. Wang Law & Associates, LLC, knows how to challenge the evidence police will present against you.

Don't Leave Your Future To Chance

The consequences of a DUI can be severe and long-lasting, including thousands of dollars in fines and fees, license suspension, potential jail time, community service and mandatory alcohol education. You may also experience struggles keeping or finding a job with a DUI conviction on your record.

Let me fight for your rights. Contact me at 630-225-8137 or through our online form. I have successfully assisted many in Wheaton and surrounding counties, and I'm ready to stand up for you.