Reinstating Your Illinois Driver’s License

The suspension of your Illinois driver's license likely left you with months or years of frustration and inconvenience. Whether from a DUI conviction, lack of insurance, too many points on your license or unpaid child support, the loss of your driving privileges can affect nearly every area of your life.

At Jeremy M. Wang Law & Associates, LLC, I understand the importance of a driver's license to get to work, to complete your errands and to perform many important tasks for your family. It is my goal to help you get back on the road.

The Complex Reinstatement Process

Getting your license back after a revocation is not something that happens automatically. You must complete the process of requesting reinstatement and appear before an officer of the secretary of state to determine your eligibility. The process includes these steps:

  1. Complete the entire sentence of your suspension and any other requirement the court mandated, such as paying fines and attending traffic school.
  2. Schedule a consultation with the office of the secretary of state to determine if you are eligible for license reinstatement.
  3. If you qualify for reinstatement, request a formal or informal hearing, depending on the circumstances of your suspension.
  4. Attend your hearing.
  5. Pay your reinstatement fee.

At the time of your hearing, the SOS officer will ask you a lot of questions and the hearing officer will expect you to have the right answers. The officer may grant you a restricted driving permit, which means you must return for another hearing after a certain time has passed. You may also have your license reinstated without restrictions, or the officer may reject your request altogether, requiring you to request another hearing.

Improving Your Chances

If you have had enough of bumming rides from friends and family members or depending on ride-sharing platforms or public transportation, you want to make sure you have every opportunity for success with your reinstatement efforts. As your lawyer, I can provide you with advice and counsel gleaned from my years of experience dealing with traffic violations and license suspension issues. The goal is to reach a positive outcome the first time to avoid long delays and more stress at subsequent hearings.

Having an attorney by your side during these proceedings can provide you with an advantage that may improve your chances of success. When you approach eligibility to seek reinstatement, contact me online or call my Wheaton offices at 630-225-8137. I can assist you in the accurate completion of paperwork and prepare you for your hearing.