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Managing partner named to 2019 Rising Stars list

Our managing partner, Jeremy Wang, was just selected to the prestigious 2019 Rising Stars list for Illinois.

This honor places him on an exclusive list of top performing attorneys who are within their first ten years of legal practice. No more than 2.5 percent of attorneys in the state are selected for this list.

Your night out at the club could result in criminal charges

You may be someone who enjoys going out on the weekends or even treating yourself to a fun evening on a weekday. Spending time with your friends may be one way you allow yourself to relax after a stressful day or week at work. Of course, it is important to remember to stay within the confines of the law while combating stress.

One activity you may enjoy is going to local Illinois bars or clubs that allow you to get a few drinks, dance or participate in other activities. While these places and activities can certainly result in a fun outing without serious consequences, you may want to remain aware that partaking in certain activities at a club could result in harm to yourself or even criminal charges.

Drug crimes charged after traffic stop for speeding

When Illinois police make a traffic stop, it is not uncommon for the situation to escalate to something more than a speeding ticket or a warning about a malfunctioning brake light. Law enforcement officers often take full advantage of the moments when they are standing outside a vehicle to obtain as much information as possible about the people inside. Sometimes that information becomes probable cause for arrest for drug crimes.

Recently, officers stopped a vehicle around 11 p.m. because the driver allegedly committed several traffic offenses. When police approached the car, they claim the smell of marijuana permeated the air. Reportedly, when they asked the driver for identification, the 24-year-old man gave them a fake name. Police say he was wanted on several outstanding warrants and apparently did not want police to arrest him.

DUI evaluation can impact license reinstatement

Losing one's driver's license because of a DUI conviction often means months of inconvenience, embarrassment and frustration. Every day is a reminder of the mistake that cost the driver his or her license and perhaps other consequences as well. Driver's license reinstatement is an important step in an Illinois driver getting his or her life back on track. However, the process is complicated.

As soon as the one has completed his or her penalties and the sentence of revocation comes to an end, the driver may begin the process of applying for license reinstatement. The first step is to obtain a DUI evaluation. This evaluation is performed by a licensed agent in compliance with Illinois law. The evaluation will show the Secretary of State the perceived risk a driver carries if he or she regains driving privileges.

Traffic violations include parking in reserved spaces

This holiday season, those in Illinois and beyond will likely be rushing to check off everything on their to-do lists. Preparing for parties, dinners and gift-giving means spending a lot of time shopping, and nothing can be more frustrating when one is in a hurry than circling a crowded parking lot looking for a place to park. However, drivers who are tempted to slip into an empty space reserved for drivers and passengers with handicaps may find themselves facing the penalties for traffic violations.

Police across the state have announced their intentions to enforce handicap parking restrictions this holiday season to prevent able-bodied drivers from taking spaces others may need. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires merchants to reserve spaces nearest to the building for those who may have difficulty walking or who use a wheelchair. To utilize these spaces, a driver or passenger must have special license plates or a temporary placard, which is assigned to an individual, not to a vehicle.

The cost of a DUI, now and for the future

Unfortunately, many in Illinois are still choosing to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. Perhaps this is because they have driven while impaired in the past and no harm came of it, so they have an inflated perception of their own ability to maintain control of the vehicle.

It may also be that they do not realize just how negatively a DUI conviction, even a first offense, can affect their lives. Are you among those who think you will get off with a fine and a few hours of community service if police arrest you for drunk driving?

Recent snow reminds drivers of risk of traffic violations

The recent winter weather arriving before Thanksgiving gave many Illinois motorists a shock. With little time to prepare, drivers found themselves dealing with icy roads and snowy conditions, leading to numerous traffic accidents. While the early storm may have been unusual, drivers must be aware that weather conditions can change quickly, especially in winter. Failure to use caution can lead to traffic violations.

Obeying the speed limit is always important, but in winter, even the posted speed may be too fast. If a driver loses control of a vehicle in bad weather, police may determine the driver was going too fast for conditions even if he or she was not exceeding the speed limit. Keeping a lower speed in bad weather also allows more time for stopping or avoiding collisions when roads are slick.

Man charged with felony drug crimes after police search home

One of the most common elements of a drug arrest is the search. Whether police conduct a search of one's home, vehicle or body, there is always the chance that the search is unwarranted or improperly conducted. This is a critical mistake because it can mean that evidence collected as a result of the illegal search is inadmissible in court. One Illinois man is likely concerned about the recent search of his home that left him charged with serious drug crimes.

Police did not reveal to the media why they detained and searched the 36-year-old man. However, the man was allegedly carrying four pills of MDMA, or Ecstasy, and almost $500 in cash. They arrested him and were subsequently able to obtain a warrant to search the man's apartment.

After DUI license suspension, reinstatement is a challenge

A drunk driving arrest and conviction means drastic changes for the driver. Not only will he or she face fines and other penalties, perhaps including jail time, but there will be administrative consequences to deal with. Illinois and nearly every other state includes some kind of license suspension as part of the price to pay for a DUI conviction. Seeking to have one's license reinstated is not always an easy process.

There are few lifestyles that do not include the necessity of driving. Getting to work, school, grocery stores and recreation are just a few ways in which the average person relies on a vehicle. After a DUI license suspension, a driver's license is not automatically returned to him or her. The driver must follow the steps outlined by the Secretary of State's office. This includes a hearing for which the driver must be properly prepared.

DUI charge filed after motorcycle wreck

A recent late-night collision sent one man to the hospital and the other into police custody. Illinois police arrested the driver accused of causing the wreck on a DUI charge. Another vehicle suffered damage from flying debris, but no one inside was injured. 

The 45-year-old driver apparently lost control of his vehicle while traveling in the southbound lane of U.S. 51. He initially crossed the center yellow line, passed across the northbound side of the road and drove into a ditch. However, his vehicle struck a culvert, and he steered back onto the road and into the northbound lane again. 

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