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July 2018 Archives

Do police have the right to search your vehicle?

As you sit on the shoulder of the road and watch in your rearview mirror as an Illinois police officer approaches your car, it is natural to feel nervous and anxious. Your hands may shake, and you may begin to sweat. You may even feel angry or insulted that a cop would pull you over, and this can cause you to act without thinking. Do you know what to do if the officer asks you to step out of the car? Do you know when police can search your vehicle without your permission?

The difference between a suspended and a revoked license

Drivers in Illinois may understand the consequences of certain actions on the road. Driving while intoxicated, speeding, reckless driving and other violations can result in tickets, fines and even jail under some circumstances. However, another serious result of a traffic violation is the risk of losing one's driving privileges, either temporarily or permanently. Understanding the difference between a suspended and a revoked license is the first step to avoiding this hardship.

Driver charged with drug crimes after wreck

An Illinois man is facing criminal charges after he crashed his vehicle and allegedly hid illegal substances while waiting for police to arrive. He is currently accused of committing drug crimes among other charges, including armed violence and possessing a stolen firearm. Police say that eyewitness reports helped them uncover the hidden items that led to these charges.

Seeking DUI defense following July 4 celebrations

Summer is in full swing, and one of the biggest celebrations of the season happens this week. With July 4 festivities, there is sure to be plentiful food, friends and fireworks. There is also likely to be alcohol served at picnics and gatherings, and the party atmosphere is perfect for kicking back and having a good time. However, Illinois police will be out in full force to keep the roads safe for travelers, and this could mean many will be seeking DUI defense.

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