Summer is in full swing, and one of the biggest celebrations of the season happens this week. With July 4 festivities, there is sure to be plentiful food, friends and fireworks. There is also likely to be alcohol served at picnics and gatherings, and the party atmosphere is perfect for kicking back and having a good time. However, Illinois police will be out in full force to keep the roads safe for travelers, and this could mean many will be seeking DUI defense.

ISP published reminders to motorists that drunk driving is the most common factor in fatal car accidents over Independence Day weekends. Since July 4 is on a Wednesday this year, the potential for intoxication may expand through the weekend. Police warn drivers to take precautions to avoid accidents by having a designated driver or ride-sharing option in place before beginning to drink and preventing others from driving when they have had too much.

Convictions for DUI in Illinois can mean serious consequences, even for a first offense. Drivers face thousands in fines, administrative penalties and the potential for time in jail. Convicted drivers lose their licenses and live with a DUI on their records, which may hinder them in finding work and in other ways.

A strong DUI defense may prevent these negative consequences. Obtaining the assistance of a skilled Illinois attorney is the first step toward constructing a solid defense strategy. However, the better option is to heed the warning of police to refrain from driving after drinking.