Illinois police recently arrested a man they claim fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle. In addition to a DUI charge, the driver is also facing charges for having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle and for improperly parking on a roadway. The driver apparently refused to submit to blood-alcohol level testing prior to his arrest. 

Police say they first noticed the car stopped in the road shortly after 2:30 a.m. The attending officer approached the vehicle and attempted to get the attention of its driver, but apparently had trouble doing so. After noticing a cup in the vehicle’s center console holding what he believed to be beer, he physically shook the driver to wake him. There was also a passenger passed out in the vehicle; after the officer could not wake him, he was transported to an area hospital for medical treatment of an alcohol overdose. 

The driver was asked to complete field sobriety testing, which he purportedly failed. He allegedly informed police that he had drank alcohol and had been heading home when he apparently stopped and fell asleep. The officer noted that the driver was swaying, having difficulty standing and had bloodshot eyes. While being transported to a police station he reportedly told police that he would be unable to pass a blood-alcohol test, and requested that he be arrested. 

A DUI charge is a serious criminal matter with long-reaching consequences. Some Illinois drivers might face jail time or hefty fines, and many people end up losing their driving privileges. Timely action is often an important aspect of criminal defense planning in these types of matters, so Illinois defendants may want to consider reviewing their charges as early on in the process as possible.