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November 2018 Archives

The cost of a DUI, now and for the future

Unfortunately, many in Illinois are still choosing to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. Perhaps this is because they have driven while impaired in the past and no harm came of it, so they have an inflated perception of their own ability to maintain control of the vehicle.

Recent snow reminds drivers of risk of traffic violations

The recent winter weather arriving before Thanksgiving gave many Illinois motorists a shock. With little time to prepare, drivers found themselves dealing with icy roads and snowy conditions, leading to numerous traffic accidents. While the early storm may have been unusual, drivers must be aware that weather conditions can change quickly, especially in winter. Failure to use caution can lead to traffic violations.

Man charged with felony drug crimes after police search home

One of the most common elements of a drug arrest is the search. Whether police conduct a search of one's home, vehicle or body, there is always the chance that the search is unwarranted or improperly conducted. This is a critical mistake because it can mean that evidence collected as a result of the illegal search is inadmissible in court. One Illinois man is likely concerned about the recent search of his home that left him charged with serious drug crimes.

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