One of the most common elements of a drug arrest is the search. Whether police conduct a search of one’s home, vehicle or body, there is always the chance that the search is unwarranted or improperly conducted. This is a critical mistake because it can mean that evidence collected as a result of the illegal search is inadmissible in court. One Illinois man is likely concerned about the recent search of his home that left him charged with serious drug crimes.

Police did not reveal to the media why they detained and searched the 36-year-old man. However, the man was allegedly carrying four pills of MDMA, or Ecstasy, and almost $500 in cash. They arrested him and were subsequently able to obtain a warrant to search the man’s apartment.

The search of the home reportedly resulted in the confiscation of three handguns, ammunition that included an extended magazine, additional MDMA pills, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. In addition to some misdemeanor firearms counts, the man now faces numerous charges of felony drug possession, delivery and intent to deliver controlled substances. This arrest may have been part of an ongoing, multi-agency operation centered on the same apartment complex and Illinois neighborhood.

Felony drug charges carry serious penalties, including the potential for years in prison and thousands in fines if convicted. When so much of the case against a suspect depends on the evidence collected during a search of a home or vehicle, the accused would be wise to seek assistance in protecting his or her rights. An attorney with experience defending against charges of drug crimes can provide an invaluable service.