The recent winter weather arriving before Thanksgiving gave many Illinois motorists a shock. With little time to prepare, drivers found themselves dealing with icy roads and snowy conditions, leading to numerous traffic accidents. While the early storm may have been unusual, drivers must be aware that weather conditions can change quickly, especially in winter. Failure to use caution can lead to traffic violations.

Obeying the speed limit is always important, but in winter, even the posted speed may be too fast. If a driver loses control of a vehicle in bad weather, police may determine the driver was going too fast for conditions even if he or she was not exceeding the speed limit. Keeping a lower speed in bad weather also allows more time for stopping or avoiding collisions when roads are slick.

One new law that becomes important as the weather changes is the Move Over Law. Drivers risk citations that carry substantial penalties for convictions if they fail to slow down and move over for vehicles with flashing lights. This includes snow plows.

Of course, any action that makes driving unsafe on a good day can multiply the danger on a day when the weather is snowy or the roads are icy. Texting or allowing other distractions behind the wheel can lead to accidents, and drivers who engage in these behaviors risk additional citations. Failing to wear a seat belt places the driver in danger and may lead to a fine.

There are many ways an Illinois driver can be proactive during the winter months. However, even the best drivers may find themselves involved in an accident and dealing with traffic violations as a result. Seeking legal advice may lead to a more positive resolution to any legal issues such drivers may face.