Indiana defines dangerous driving as speeding, ignoring a traffic signal or operating a vehicle aggressively. These actions contribute to a significant number of serious auto accidents, representing 12% of collisions in the state in 2018. 

Explore the facts about dangerous driving to stay safe while on the road. 

Dangerous driving fatalities 

In 2018, 25% of traffic fatalities involved a dangerous driving incident. This represented a significant decrease from 2017, when 36% of car accident deaths involved dangerous driving. 

Trends in dangerous driving 

State data indicates that the number of dangerous driving actions has declined from 2014, when they occurred in 15.2% of all collisions, to 2018. However, Indiana saw a small (less than 1%) uptick in cases between 2017 and 2018. 

Younger drivers are also more likely to engage in dangerous driving behavior. Males younger than 25 are the most likely to cause this type of collision. 

Indiana also shows geographic variances in dangerous driving. While 72% of dangerous driving collisions occur in urban areas, these areas represent just 49% of fatal dangerous driving accidents. Conversely, while only 15% of these collisions happened in suburban areas, 25% of dangerous driving fatalities occurred in the suburbs. 

Types of dangerous driving 

Speeding was the dangerous driving action that most often caused fatalities in 2018. Collisions involving speeding caused 160 Indiana deaths, compared to 47 fatalities attributed to aggressive driving and 23 fatalities caused by ignoring traffic signals. 

The involvement of alcohol correlates with a disproportionate number of dangerous driving accidents. From 2014 to 2018, 17% of fatal collisions involved dangerous driving behavior, compared with 32% of fatal collisions in which the driver had been drinking. 

Drivers can reduce their risk for a serious auto accident injury by remaining calm on the road, driving at a safe speed and paying attention to traffic signals. In addition, always leave plenty of space between the vehicle and any driver observed behaving erratically or dangerously.