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DUI evaluation can impact license reinstatement

Losing one's driver's license because of a DUI conviction often means months of inconvenience, embarrassment and frustration. Every day is a reminder of the mistake that cost the driver his or her license and perhaps other consequences as well. Driver's license reinstatement is an important step in an Illinois driver getting his or her life back on track. However, the process is complicated.

After DUI license suspension, reinstatement is a challenge

A drunk driving arrest and conviction means drastic changes for the driver. Not only will he or she face fines and other penalties, perhaps including jail time, but there will be administrative consequences to deal with. Illinois and nearly every other state includes some kind of license suspension as part of the price to pay for a DUI conviction. Seeking to have one's license reinstated is not always an easy process.

The license suspension and reinstatement process in Illinois

If you lost your driving privileges after a drunk driving arrest or conviction, you know just how important it is to get your license back. However, even if your license was only revoked for a specific period of time, it will not automatically be reinstated after that time has passed. When dealing with license suspension and reinstatement, you must follow the proper process in Illinois. 

The difference between a suspended and a revoked license

Drivers in Illinois may understand the consequences of certain actions on the road. Driving while intoxicated, speeding, reckless driving and other violations can result in tickets, fines and even jail under some circumstances. However, another serious result of a traffic violation is the risk of losing one's driving privileges, either temporarily or permanently. Understanding the difference between a suspended and a revoked license is the first step to avoiding this hardship.

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