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Illinois man charged with multiple drug crimes

A man from Dupo is facing serious felony charges after being accused of importing illegal drugs. Illinois authorities arrested and charged the man on March 29 with drug crimes, including possession, trafficking and manufacturing. He is currently in police custody against a bail of $400,000. The case is still under active investigation, and no trial date has been set.

2 Illinois residents charged with drug crimes

Two people were arrested in Pleasant Hill on Feb. 5 for alleged involvement in drug activity, according to local police. Illinois authorities detained a 37-year-old woman and the 36-year-old man for alleged drug crimes, including possession of methamphetamine. No trial date was referenced in the report. 

Illinois drug crimes: Charged with drug possession?

The state of Illinois is working hard to keep controlled substances off the streets. Anyone found possessing, manufacturing or selling illegal drugs may face a number of consequences that can totally upend their life if they are convicted. This week, this column will go over drug possession laws, what is needed for prosecuting attorneys to obtain convictions in such cases and what defense options there are when fighting this type of charge.

Drug crimes charged after traffic stop for speeding

When Illinois police make a traffic stop, it is not uncommon for the situation to escalate to something more than a speeding ticket or a warning about a malfunctioning brake light. Law enforcement officers often take full advantage of the moments when they are standing outside a vehicle to obtain as much information as possible about the people inside. Sometimes that information becomes probable cause for arrest for drug crimes.

Man charged with felony drug crimes after police search home

One of the most common elements of a drug arrest is the search. Whether police conduct a search of one's home, vehicle or body, there is always the chance that the search is unwarranted or improperly conducted. This is a critical mistake because it can mean that evidence collected as a result of the illegal search is inadmissible in court. One Illinois man is likely concerned about the recent search of his home that left him charged with serious drug crimes.

Some charged with drug crimes after fatal overdoses

Illinois law enforcement agencies, like most others across the country, are fighting an uphill battle against drugs in their communities. Unfortunately, authorities may overlook the fact that many involved in drug crimes need treatment for their addiction instead of incarceration for their offenses. One particularly disturbing criminal charge dating back to the 1980s holds responsible anyone who gives drugs to someone who then suffers a fatal overdose.

Driver charged with drug crimes after wreck

An Illinois man is facing criminal charges after he crashed his vehicle and allegedly hid illegal substances while waiting for police to arrive. He is currently accused of committing drug crimes among other charges, including armed violence and possessing a stolen firearm. Police say that eyewitness reports helped them uncover the hidden items that led to these charges.

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